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00 ex d16y8, every time i completely let off the gas at a lower rpm (1500-3000) the car bucks slowly and then does it again when i initially press the throttle.

also kind of hard to explain but the car hesitates a good bit at lower rpm driving around town, you feel it a lot when trying to go up hills. when you hit highway speeds its smooth though.

have a cel and 2 codes (p0131, p0141) both are for 02 sensors so cant see this being my problem

recently replaced the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, cleaned the injectors and put in a new fuel filter and its still hesitating.

if it was the tps wouldnt it throw a code?

been dealing with this for months someone please give me some insight. this person seemed to have the same problem but the fix was never put up....
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