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1997 Civic Hatch D18Y8 M62 S/C
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D16 Y7/Y8 odds and ends

Current FS thread is at:

D16Y8 bare block - SOLD
D16Y8 aluminum oil pan - SOLD
Jackson Racing Boost Timing Controller in original box. P/N 051-683. SOLD
D16Y7 valve cover. Clean! Ready for painting or powder coating. - SOLD
Manual shift knob - SOLD
Passenger side tranny mount. Very clean. - SOLD
Upper Driver side engine bracket. Comes with nuts. - SOLD
Upper Driver side engine mount. - SOLD
D16Z6 Intake Manifold. - SOLD
D16Z6 Valve Cover. - SOLD
92-00 Civic OEM flywheel - SOLD
D16Z6 "VTEC" Valve Cover - SOLD
Y7/Y8 Timing gear - SOLD
Y7/Y8 oil pickup - SOLD
Y8 P2P pistons and rods - SOLD
NRG Innovations torque dampener - SOLD
Y7/Y8 thermostat housing & coolant sensor - SOLD
Y7/Y8 Breather chamber - SOLD
Y7/Y8 Battery cable - SOLD
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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