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honda civic ej9
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right guys and girls new here!
bought a cheap coupe ej9 (good shell) non runner! solved the problem was the ecu got fried from the alternator over charging at 17v, sorted that with a new alternator.
want to boost this engine because i dont want to spend too much cash on a b series etc but its too slow n/a
cut to the chase - have bought a stock p06 and a harness to do the conversion.
also changed the inlet mani to a y8 and kept everything y7 for the stock ecu but have iacv and obd1 distributor for the conversion.
changed all the things the internet told (iacv wire conversion plus depin ecu +distributor change the plugs fitted together but one wire left which was the big blue one i read was pulse wire?? my tach worked) it ran but not well, idle and revving didnt work too well.
maybe the ecu was from a different size engine? 1.5 etc? origin of ecu isnt knownn but its a working p06 that i bought with a chipping kit to diy!maybe chip it and put a base map on it for my engine to start fresh?
need help to boost is there something im missing?
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