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So I figured that i should start a build thread. this thread will be very extensive and in depth. My buddy and i are both apprentice mechanics/fabricators, so we are starting on this car within two weeks. right now i will just list what it has and what it looks like.

The car is great it holds it own for a D series as it sits it's making 200+ wheel and 187 wtq @ 9psi. the motor was tuned by the one of the best in the game morris tuning out of NYC.

the motor is a D16Y7 ( stock ) mods are as followed :

-y8 intake mani.
-450 cc injectors.
-walbro 255 fuel pump.
-Y8 fuel rail.
-turbonetics T3 60 trim BB ( polished cold side ).
-TiAL 38mill EXT WG.
-log cast mani.
-Greddy FMIC.
-Greddy Type S bov.
-Greddy charge piping.
-Slim fan ( flex a lite )
-performance rad
-2.5" exhaust with a JDM tanabe axle back. ( going to change this to a side exit, going to cut a hole on right hand side just before the rear wheel..exhaust will go out there, gives it that oldschool dragster look)

-red top battery.
-T1R voltage stabalizer.
-Exedy stage 1 clutch kit.

-New Konig heliums
-Skunk 2 extended lugs.

-H&R race springs.
-SRR Rear Camber Adjustable Kit
-SRR 19mm rear anti-roll bar
-SRR Rear Lower Struct Brace
-SRR Aluminum Rear Control Arm
-J's racing C piller bar.

-Stop tech drilled rotors.
-Hawk performance pad.
-stainless break lines.
-new fluid.


-JDM CTR spolier.
-Spoon sports CF mirrors.

Interior :
-more less stock everything is in good shape.
-Pro sport boost gauge.
-prosport oil pressure gauge.
-prosport water temp.
-A/M pedels.
-Pioneer MP3 / WMA deck.
-pioneer door speakers.
-SiR gauge cluster.

so thats how she sits right now. the build will actually go in reverse first, we will be removing exhaust then engine...etc...full clean up first..then re assembly as well as adding some more to the if you have any questions about the build go ahead and ask. sorry mods this is kind of posting twice...but i couldnt figure out how to delete the other thread. anyways go ahead and post and tell me what you think...thanks for the time

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oh ya forgot to add that i will be picking up a set of mugen n1 suspension, with spoon racing springs. about 1800 bucks. thought it was a pretty good deal, getting em from a buddy of mine because he is selling his ek and doesnt want em going to someone that wont appreciate em...

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ya im my first time with a honda...second import that i have done...its an on going process...i just finished my skyline...i put about 2 years worth of time in it...basicly spent 6 months of 8-15 hour days on trying to get a few streetable cars out on the streets of victoria so people can see my work...

this is the skyline...
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