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d16y7 to d16z6 in a ek

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ok well i have an idea but not sure of it will work yall let me know what yall think or if yall have any advice ok well here it is

ok well since im going from obd2 to obd1 i was thinking well use the y7 alternator, y7 distributor, and use the y7 throttle body on the z6 im, and the y7 exhaust manifold so that i can still use the obd2 y7 wiring harness and then use a obd2 to obd1 jumper harness so that i can connect a p28 ecu and of course well wire in the vtec soleniod to the y7 wiring harness

ok well there it is yall tell me what yall think any advice is appreciated thanx and God Bless
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Sounds good to me. Just make sure that Y7 dizzy will bolt up to the Z6 head. I'm pretty sure it will.
there only one thing that still worries me about this set up is that i tried it on a a6 head with a z6 block and well it ran funny due to a censor so now im debatin on tryin this set up with the z6 head or just usin the y7 head. what do you think?
In order to do this you will need to do some wiring.

Most of the sensors are on the head. Since you're going from an ODB2 non-vtec head to an OBD1 vtec head the sensors and plugs required will vary. But its not that big of a deal. The plugs are available, wire is cheap, soldering is easy.

Just do it an post PICS!!
ok i also have the d16z6 engine harness if i swap the plugs out the ones that run to the the throttle body do you think i could just use the z6 throttle body cuz it was the throttle position sensor that gave me trouble last time Thanx God Bless
is all of this even worth it what do yall think
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