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I have a 98 Honda Civic DX / D16Y7 engine with 190,000 miles on it and it seems as if the head gasket may have gone bad because I have a bit of coolant in one of my cyclinder's and white smoke is coming out the exhaust. Now a mechanic gave me 3 options

1. Change the Head
2. Change the Engine
3. Buy a new car

Now I'm not getting rid of my honda but I was thinking about putting a Y8 head on there if I did that what all would I need to change besides the intake manifold.

Also if I went with the engine swap would anything need to be changed or modified with D16Y8 engine going into that car.

Thanks for your time

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just change the head and save yourself some money man.

youll just need the d16y8 head, depending what obd you are...

p2p ecu [96-00]
or a p28[92-95]
some new headbolts
and then of course the intake manifold. If you read some mini me write ups youll understand how to install it yourself. All there really is, are some simple wiring to run the vtec wires, which is way simple, even my girlfriend did it for me. Im not kidding.

If you wanna be cleaner than a virgins vagina, then you could remove the vtec solenoid off the head and solder the vtec wires. and then put some heat wrap round it
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