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Hey guys, super long time lurker of the forum. Did some searching but came up empty handed. Finally have some actual questions to ask. I recently picked up a pieced together turbo kit off of a good buddy which included everything to turbo my y7. My engine isn't the healthiest but I'm going to do a y8 build on the side. My kit included....

- 63mm no-name turbo (also a spare turbo, same trim, needs a seal kit)
- Generic FMIC, decently sized
- 3" down pipe
- Generic waste gate w/ unknown spring rate
- SST Chipped P28 ECU w/ jumper harness
- 550cc injectors
- Misc. gauges, AFR etc.

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. It's a complete setup that was removed from a running & driving car.

Now, I'm an OBD2a d16y7 and I figured I would need some supporting mods. I'm at 140k or so on my longblock and it burns some oil yada yada, it's a Honda. So for supporting mods I decided to grab...

- "Stage 3" XTD 6-puck clutch w/ pressure plate
- Solid motor mounts
- Manual boost controller (due to that questionable WG spring)
- Sandwich adapter for oil feed

My one only question is, what's good with my y7 intake manifold? I realize I may run into issues going OBD1 due to the IACV. I intend on tuning my car with Crome and running the 550cc injectors, but during the clutch break-in period I intend on running low boost w/ my stock ecu and injectors to prevent myself from going bananas. What do you guys suggest to make my experience as great as possible with my stock intake manifold? Due to wanting to grab a complete y8 long block to build on the side I don't want to own two intake manifolds for no reason. Thanks guys!

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My only suggestion would be to buy a cold air intake or what ever for a y7 and use part of it for your charge pipe or just buy a y8 manifold now and swap it over, when time comes you can sell the old y7 mani and the one that comes with the Y8 long block. A mbc is not going to fix a "questionable" wastegate or spring so I would replace that and if you haven't bought it yet I wouldn't waste cash on that xtd clutch.
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