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d16z6 head
-3 angle valve job
-seats cut
-resurfaced head
-installed valve guides
-degreased and cleaned

-supertech valvetrain
-supertech bronze manganese valve guides
-supertechstainless nitrided std. Intake & exhaust valves
-supertech titanium retainers & springs

-Bisimoto level 3.6 turbo cam (web ground cam)
-.440" lift with 268 degrees of adv. duration

-skunk2 adjustable cam gear

block is a bare d16y7 block.

Goals are 400+whp.

Parts list..
-rods and bearings
-pistons and rings
-arp head studs
-turbo (undecided)
-skunk2 intake and tb
-lsd motorsports 6 puck clutch capable of 385ft lbs
-3bar map sensor
-mini ram exhaust mani
-320lph aem fuel pump
-750cc or 1000cc injectors (may want to run on and tune on e85 but indecided)
-wideband, boost gauge
-12lb flywheel

Another question, is it necessary to use copper gaskets?

I have a lot of stuff lying around my garage, but definitely going to be spending some time and money on this build. I will also be doing a full interior restoration, as well as tucking brake lines and full wire tuck, painting the bay and car. Let me know what you guys think! Have the engine out and torn down, head is ready to go, slowly accumulating the parts listed above, like I said, shooting for 400+whp as reliably as possible. My car will see a couple track days, but mostly want to have a badass little street car to drive when its nice out in the summer time (I live in Northern Ohio) Thanks! I've been reading a lot of good information from this forum over the last year, finally made a profile. I would love some input!
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