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D16Y5 Civic "electric like" noise when under load.

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Hello everyone! I have this problem on a D16Y5 Civic. When you accelerate in while under load (on a hill or something), it starts making a weird noise like an spark or electric noise, it sounds around 20% of the pedal travel and increases intensity with it. Other symptoms that I was able to diagnose are power loss and consequently overheating, clearly when the noise is happening. Checked distributor and the only interesting thing that I found was that it has a bit of oil into it, I do not really now if it could be related, replaced the air filter because the old one was very dirty and also checked ignition timing and it was a little off, I fixed it but the problem is still there (Now it is just a little lower). Any ideas on what the problem is?
Note: It only happens when the engine is under load, if you accelerate in flat it does not make the noise until you are almost full on the gas.
Also, I managed to record the audio. Sorry for all the wind, but I think you will be able to hear it.
All help is truly appreciated

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Like a whiny noise, ie electric motor, or popping noise like an electrical arc?
I would say like a popping noise. I managed to record this audio

It is very similar to this one too:
I think you are right. After researching more I guess it is detonation related, and from all the possibilities, this one fits better (I will also try higher octane fuel, but I do not think this could completely fix it).

Where should I start with lean mixture?

I am not a professional at all, car was given to me to go to college but I can tell maintenance has not been good. So I am trying to learn things and do it myself :). Of course, with a lot of research and patience in the process to not make anything explode.

Well, as for now, I can assure that fuel filter looks very old, probably injectors are dirty too. Btw, no check engine light at all.
I do not want to replace or buy something that won't help at all. I appreciate the support.
I can't hear anything in either of those audio clips, but if it's pinging check your timing. You can also try running a high octane fuel and see if that affects the noise. My daily used to ping if i had a car full of people with the AC on and go up a hill ONLY if i had low octane fuel in it. I'd put in high octane it would be smooth in all scenarios.
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I'd verify fuel pressure, pull out injectors and make sure they're not gummed up around the nozzle, throw a new fuel filter on it, if you wanna get into it you could install a wideband and see the AFR in real time, that would at least verify if you're running lean, but it's a bit of $$ for that.
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Threw in a new fuel filter, tried higher octane fuel and used some injector cleaning additive and no more pinging noise for me :) I guess the filter that it had was the original one haha (The damn bolt was extremely hard to loose and fuel had a huge amount of dirt), better watch out those old parts. Thanks guys!
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