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D16Y Engine swap with D15B

Hi Everyone.. im new here.

I own a 1994 Honda Civic with a D16Y1 engine (vtec). the car has done over 230,000km and is now blowing a lot of smoke. I have been told by a mechanic that it's most likely the piston rings that need replacing and if they replaced the rings the engine should also be rebuilt while they have it in pieces.

I have been asking around a few different shops and believe an engine swap would be cheaper than a rebuild. i have been given ballpark figures of 5k (AU) and over for a engine rebuild of the D16Y which id prefer not to pay since the car isnt worth that much.

I cant find a replacement D16Y engine anywhere but was told by one mechanic that a D15B engine would drop straight in. price for a D15B engine would be $550 (AU) +$770 fitting and $110 for radiator service. This all comes with a 3 month warranty.

This is my second car that is only being used to get me to the train station and back every day so im not after anything special, i just want the car to get me from A to B.

Can someone confirm if it is true that i can replace my D16Y1 with a D15B without any problems? extra parts that would need to be taken into consideration such as engine mounts ECU etc? im no car guru im just a computer geek so i cant do the engine swap myself unfortunately.


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