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Theres a local guy selling a D16b5 bottom end w/ 10K miles for $350.

Sounds like a great deal but I want to check with d-series guys first.

From what I understand D16B5 was built to run high compression on natural gas.

The rods are supposed to be thicker than most D series rods but not as thick as B. The wrist pins are 21mm, same as used in the ITR and the oil pan is supposed to be cast aluminum.

It's supposed to have these mysterious PDN pistons and with a Y8 head is supposed to give 12.5:1 compression. The seller said he calculated the dome at 4.63cc.

So my questions to you good folks are: Is this a good bottom end for a high comp. stage 3 all motor build? How much power can these rods take? What issues will I run into if I match this bottom end with a Y8 head, Z6 tranny and EK chassis?

Thanks ya'll!
(This seems like a better/easier route to take than putting PM7's in a Y7 block)

additional info:
engine is from 98-00 civic gx
Bore = 75mm
Stroke = 90mm
Rod Length = 137mm
R/S Ratio = 1.52
except for the head, pistons and rods the block is identical to a Y8/Y5

This is looking better and better. I'm gonna snatch it up unless someone on here says otherwise.
I'd love a comment from MistaBone or one of you other engine building guru's.

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he may be figuring in a stage 3 cam

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STOCK Honda parts.......

aftermarket cams weren't even available back then.....

127 hp stock, +10-15 hp from the compression alone, then the intake/header/short exhaust good for another +15-20 hp.
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