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1986 Honda CRX AS
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Hey guys, I'm new here.
I drive a 1986 CRX AS with the ZC engine. The internal parts are quite similar to the D16A9.

Before building my head I did a lot of research, because you can't find a lot for this engine.
I think, you can do the same to your D16A9, because the parts are the same.

My chose is:
  • CATCAMS 278°/278° Cams
  • CATCAMS valves, springs, retainers
  • CATCAMS custom adjustable cam gears
  • SUPERTECH 0.5mm oversize valves with cutback
  • 0.5mm head and 0.6mm deck grinding (only the ZC needs this, because of the low compression)
  • complete head job
  • CRX DelSol D16Z6 manifold, welded to a ZC flange and ported
  • S2k throttle body
  • Integra type-R DC2 airbox and pipe
  • NRP high compression pistons; upgradet to foll floating pins
  • Skunk2 no notch rods
  • balanced and nitraded crank

Everyone said, that 200 NA HP with the ZC is not possible.
But I'm optimistic and this is my goal for the next year with this engine.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts