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If the OEM HG for your engine is multi-layer steel (MLS), I would run that over any aftermarket brand. For the SOHC engines, the Y8 MLS gasket is considered the best HG by many members of this forum.

In regards to the size, even the OEM gasket will work fine with a 75.5mm bore. I believe the OEM Y8 HG is around 76mm.

In regards to tuning, you can run turboedit without converting to OBD1 if your ECU supports chipping. I suggest this option if you’re tuning it yourself as it’s much easier to learn compared to more modern tuning options like Hondata. But a word of caution...turboedit will NOT work well with saturated injectors so if you plan on using any newer “skinny” style injectors, turboedit isn’t a good option.

Just figured I’d mention that since turboedit is free, is simple, and doesn’t require an OBD1 conversion. Tuner express is the “newer” version of turboedit with some additional cool features but requires that a license be purchased.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts