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D16a6 budget build

hey guys. so i got a spare complete a6 here that needs a set of rings everything else is fine. and im looking to get a little more out of it. im not looking to spend any great deal of money on it. im just looking to make the little D work a little better.
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good, you can go 2 ways (not being homosexuall) High comp, or low comp pistons... Turbo or na?
i dont really want to go with a turbo. so what pistons would i use to bump my compression up a little? and when i bump my compression whats all involved in tuneing it?
dohc or sohc? what will this bump my compression to?
thanks dude... ohh yea.. what kind of tuneing if any is there? and what kind of power gains will there be?
thanks again
Tuning the ignition maps to achieve peak power and torque while avoiding detonation is a absolute must. Wont drive to friendly without it..
sorry if im a little slow... but what did you say? lol how do i do that?
you will have a higher compression ratio. Turboedit is a program people use to tune 88-91(OBD0) ecus.
you really need to do some reading...

check the stickies in about every section
i have been reading i can handel the motor building i just cant get past the tuneing part of things.. theres where im lost.
OBD0 has Turboedit
check out
thanks dude great read!!!!
if you cant handle tuning, you cant build an engine properly.
if you cant handle tuning, you cant build an engine properly.
he can build the motor and have someone else tune it:hammer:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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