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okay guys, most of you don't know me. I'm still new to this forum. Well I'm Bo and I drive a 94 Honda Del Sol that I just recently turbo. The car did broke into the power that I said I was going to be happy with. Well now it have been about a month and I need more power ! So this thread is going to show you guys my new setup.

My setup: power goal 300whp +
D16A6 vitara and custom rods (P2P0)
ACL bearings
ARP Head studs
Y8 head to bump the comp. up a bit
Y8 2 layer head gasket
Bisi 1.2 cam
Valve springs and retainer, still deciding which one to go with since I'm kinda on a budgets. maybe you guys can help me decide.
Skunk2 I/M
I'll add more as I go.

Here when I got the motor

And about an hour later

I will be getting more pics later.
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