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what up honda heads i got a 91 hatch i pulled the nasty d15b2 out and bought
a d16a6 block with a y8 vtec head. leave it to a craigslister to screw me i found out later it had spun a bearing. My hatch was my first car and no way i was giving up on my baby haha, so now im in the middle of a full rebuild. had my block bored .5 so now im at 75.5mm aka i need new pistons. i had my head decked as well as my block, this is my first build and id be so pissed off if my valve clearance was wrong. Ive read alot, ALOT on this but cant seem to get to straight of an answer.

As i know right now these are my options

it would be rad to hear from some who actually has ran this swap
i need to know compression ratios for these pistons in this set-up
as i said this is my first build and am a newbie these d series compression calculators ive been advised don't equate because of the fact im running a
Frankenstein these calculators only have factory motor statistics so i cant be sure at all. Im running the stock y8 cam, i threw on a cast iron journals to handle the compression, but trying to keep it around 10/1 -11/1
<<<no im not boosting> i will later and change my internal when i do.

what im looking to hear:

whats the estimate on the HP ill be running in this swap (decides if i get new rods)

Any other piston options?

some overall opinions on pistons choice pro's/con's

piston head style preference to avoid interference.

what my CR's using these pistons would look like.

how to avoid valve clearance issues.

double layer head gaskets? opinions on pro's/con's in use of these and will i need one?

Rod recommendations (on kind of a budget)

valve relief (i want to buy piston that require not editing)

Thanks Fellow honda cats i appreciate all opinions and help.
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