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d16a6 swap ?'s

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ok i'm sure this may have been asked before and i did look and do a search but could not find the answer that i wanted...all i found were ideas and comments to do something else. this is what i want. i have an 89 crx si of course you should know it has the d16a6 motor. i found a d16 dohc zc motor pretty cheap and i need to know if it will directly bolt to the factory motor mounts and use the factory obd 0 ecu. also i have a header and cold air intake. will the header fit? its ok if the intake does not b/c i can modify it to fit. also this motor should bolt up to my si tranny, right???? ok so please tell me these things and i don't need the run around. i have money and am ready to spend!!!!!!
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Everything will bolt right up but your gonna have to extend the cps wires since on the a6 it's in the distibutor where as the zc has it on the exhaust cam. and yes it will bolt up to your si tranny....
cps wires? i dunno what that is can you please explain. also another ?...will my aftermarket header that i have put on my a6 fit in the zc?
yes the header will bolt on... and cps wires are the crank position sensor... and if you want a ecu that will perfectly run the zc, pm 5speed4life. he is a vendor on the site, he is the d-series ecu god... he does chipping for work... he can have it running better than stock...
everything should bolt up and if you have trouble just post it up and people will mostlikly help you
man thanx guys...this is the best forum i have hit up yet...i went to superhonda forum and all i was given this and why not do that and don't do that do this...alot of bs but no answers...thanx i will hit up 5speed4life about my ecu...
ok...ordered the dohc zc now ?...will my wires fit on the new zc and what about my cold air intake? anyone know?
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