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Alright, I hope I can find a clear answer to this.

Basically I'm wondering if the information on these srp pistons for the d16a6 are correct:

More specifically the 9:1 c/r pistons

i did the calculations and if the specified dish is correct (6.6cc) then it does yield 9:1

The reason i'm wondering is because on tunertoys and other businesses (ebay sellers) they sell the same pistons yet claim they are lower compression (8.5-8.7:1)

I want to trust srp's page because i'm looking for that dish, but i'm going to be ordering from these other companies which claim a different compression ratio with the same part number piston.

Can anyone give me some info?
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that makes total sense, man im slow today :hammer:

id like to know as well why everyone that carries SRP pistons says they are 8.5:1, and on the SRP site they say 9.0:1

because my build might be a little higher compression than i though if it is actually the specs on SRP's site...
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