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Hi everyone, yes im new the the forums and I thought I would just see some opinions on a few questions I have.

A buddie of mine has a d16a6 motor in his garage, he bent a valve in it so he could get a new motor, I guess he dosent like the d series I do personally anyway, he said basicly the entire thing needs to be rebuild, he said $250 for the motor and a dx tranny....the crx I have now is a auto and its my new project anyway, I know from reading that the d16 has some potential and I was jw if you all would buy it and fix it or just move on to somthing else, I mean I dotn want to get any kind of crazy hp out of it and I havent ever rebuild a motor so but im willing to learn.

The only part of it that confuses me is when you get into doing all the ring clearences and all that, what kind of hp are we looking at from stock bore high compression pistons new rods, build head with a pretty big cam, i/h/e tb, intake manafold new ecu.
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