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I'm about to swap a b20 into my 91 EX.

The stock d16a6 in it runs great. I want to swap it into my 92 civic that has a blown motor.

I already have a d16z6 IM, TB, OBD1 harness etc.

I know I need to swap mounts. Not concerned about that. I'm concerned with the electrical parts of this swap.

I'll use the z6 IM, TB, injectors, etc. plus my OBD1 wiring harness so I can use 4 wire 02 etc. what distributor do I use? I've read the z6 distributor won't bolt onto the a6 head. What OBD1 distributor will?

What do I do for the computer? OBD1 ecu chipped to PM6 map?

Anything I'm missing or need to look out for? Seems pretty straight forward but I want to make sure I have everything I need and am not overlooking anything.

Thanks in advance.
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