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I've never been able to find a real answer to this, so sorry if my failing wasn't good enough.

I have a EF hatch with powersteering but we had to swap in a D16A6 from an Si that had a manual rack. The 90-91 EX trim level of the EF civic had a D16A6 with power steering, and I've come across one of these pulleys. Besides making sure the timing is right would there be any other issues with just doing a straight swap? Do the D16A6's pulleys have to be balanced to the crank at time of engine building? I was afraid of doing a straight swap with them and having some sort of balance problem. I don't need any spun bearings or anything lol

I mean I want to say its no problem. Otherwise people who swap on aftermarket pulleys would all be on the side of the road with messed up engines. But I'm just so paranoid about it. Any advice?
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