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im new to the D series world. i know B series stuff . but just getting into the D series

im looking at building a cheap fun EG6 for my DD shooting for 180-200whp.

the set up im looking at right now will be

BISIMOTO LEVEL 1.2 TURBO cam ( and gear )
vitara 75mm pistons
FJ-R spec H-beam rods.
and a JRSC running 8psi

i just wanna know if you guys think this is a good looking setup or if you think i should be using other brands or parts. i wanna leave the valve train stock dont plan of revving over stock redline.

for just my DD and not any real track use would it be worth the money for me to get a mild port and polish on the head of just leave it as is.

the engine was supercharged before when it was 100% stock and put down 143whp

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you should lose power by using the low compression vitara piston especially with the short H beam rods. the bisimoto cam should help you out tho...

i would say use 75.5's so you can overbore and get a tight ring seal.

if you want some real gains out of that S/C i would ship it off to endyn for the special treatment they can give it.

back when my car was making 144whp/146tq i could break 2nd all day... that was good enough for me.
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