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Hello DSO long time lurker, and I'm looking to build a Y8 stroker and just need a few details ironed out.
D17 crank and rods
D15b pistons
Keeping it obd0 FTW

1. What would be the best way to set up a basemap for it or setting base timing, (not sure if timing marks line up or I'm just over thinking it)

2. What clutch would I need for this if I'm using a 91 Si transmission (I searched and couldn't find a concrete answer. D16 or D17?

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Go OBD-1 and be done.

No difference in clutch setup. The clutch matches the tranny splines.

Colin Botha who raced the original D17 stroker that was in the magazines, whose butt I saved at 2011 NASA Nationals is still running the same tranny I replaced the broken 3-4 shifter fork the Saturday night before the 2011 Sunday race he finished second.

Finally got to talk with him on Sunday at Mid-Ohio.....he didn't make the final HC2 race due to some electrical issues.
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