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Rover 216 GTi
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Hi all, I have a 1993 Rover 216 GTi with a Honda D16Z2 currently under the bonnet. Its supposed to have a D16A8. I changed the engine a few years back after being informed by a self proclaimed Rover expert, that they identical engines. I now know that is not the case.

Anyway, the Z2 is currently being to self destruct from 4/5 years of over fueling and potentially the ecu screaming at the engine "you used to have bigger balls!"

My first question, what are the differences between the Z2 and the A8?
Are there any differences in the block or can I just bolt a PM7 head in place of the PM3 and alls back to normal?
I ask this as the only information I can currently find is that aside from the different ECU the head is different and I can find no mention of the bottom end internals.

Secondly, does anyone here have a D16A8 for sale?

Plenty more questions to follow, but for now they are the most important ones.

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