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My car is a 97 civic lx sedan. Stock with I/H/E.

I swapped on a y8 manifold, im having idle problems, but i'll fix it. damn vacum leaks.

now i already have the manifold on there so thats taken car of.

I am going with the following!

Fully rebuilt y8 head $280.00
- 3 angle valve job
- all new seals
- presure tested, etc, etc
- Cleaned and like new (hot tanked)

NGK spark plugs (I was told I need vtec spark plugs?)

Im staying with the y7 fuel rail, injectors, regulator (can i do this?) Chipped P28 Ecu and OBDII - OBDI harness $250.00
- custom timing & fuel maps
- Speed governor removed.
- Check Engine Shift Light.
- 2 step (launch control)
- Knock sensor removed.
- Vtec speed limit removed.
- 4 pin datalogging header.
- Compatibility: Hondata s100/s200, Neptune, eCtune, Crome, & more!
- Rev limit set to 7000rpm (Stock internals, dont want it to high)

New OEM y7 timing belt and headgasket

Hows my little set up sound? Would it work fine?

Future plans are z6 or y8 tranny with a street clutch and light wieght flywheel.

My main concerns are, do i need the y8 fuel rail and injectors?

Please help! I have two weeks to order parts and do the mini me swap. Then I leave to miami for school...
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