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Thanks .

Also for a daily driver can I keep the stock d16z6 tune (ignition timing), and correct only the fuel (lambda values)?

yes but in theroy you would need abit more timing because the longer stroke and the ame lengh rod equals less dwell time s you would need a dregree or two more ignition to make up for that.

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Any dyno numbers with these hybrids?

Its good to know that the d16 stroker can be done, but does it worth it? I'm sure it does because of the crap head d17's comes with, with such small ports and even worst round exhaust ports. Also crap intake manifold and obd2b ecu which doesn't let you do anything but kpro.

Have a 01 civic which once I think on putting a y8 head and hondata s300, but never did. I know will have to do some work, but technically it can be done.

Post any dyno numbers.

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I currently have a stroker sitting in my car. It's low compression because it was turboed ... then it ate the turbo so back to N/A for now.

z6 block/d17 crank (bored 0.5 over 1690cc final displacement) ... vitara pistons (milled 0.02 to make flush with deck) and z6 head w/exospeed sv909 cam, ~9.4:1 CR

Currently making ~120whp/~130wtq

It is a lot of fun (even if it is slow right now).

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yes any d16 block but obd1/0 have the oil dipstick in the block so your dont need a d17 valve cover,

you need to deck 40 thou off the block for flush pistons dont mill you head, wain tuntil you have the pistons in the block and measure the ptd height then get that much milled off the block.

just use the d17 timing cog and d17 crank pulley, then no machining needed, also when you use a d17 crank pulley you should switch the pulley on the alturnator to a d17 alt pulley so you have the same groove pulleys, d17s run 5 v belts, you need a different lenght alt belt then oem, ill check the lengh of mine if you do use a d17 crank pulley

you really need
d17 crank
d17 rods and pistons
d17 oil pump
d17 timing cog and crank pulley
d17 timing belt
d16 obd1/0 block
d16 oil pan and pick up for d16 block
d16 rear main seal
d16 head
d16 intake manifold
d16 header
d16 or d17 rear main seal, i have both in hald and they are the same, also i have a d16 one on my d16 stroker block right now

its very simple your changing the crank so you need rods and pistons to match the crank size and stroke (d17 rods and pistons)

then also you need the accessrys to go on the crank(d17 oil pump, timing cog and crank pulley)

then using the d17 timing cog the d17 belt in narrower then the d16 so you also need a d17 timing belt, thats it, the reat can be d16 items
Can I use a obd2 d16 block like a d16y7 block
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