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98 Civic DX w/JDM Z7, B000 M/T, nothing fancy, just functionally sound
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Hey D15Z7 swap folks!

I finally figured out a workable process of translating the Czech service manual pdf version for the EJ9, EK1, EK3, EK4 into English! It is in process and will be a "spare time" project, but hopefully I can get it done sooner than later. The translation service makes some layout font sizing and spelling errors in some areas, but nothing that seems impossible to figure out. There are some diagrams that inexplicably are in the Czech manual as images only for whatever reason (mostly in the Engine section) and so the text cannot actually be translated without a crazy amount of effort that I am not going to be doing any time soon. If anyone wants to take that on please do, but most of it should be able to be deciphered if you cross reference with the USDM manual of the same or similar diagrams for the D16Y8. Some technical terms are also mistranslated into AI technical chaos poetry jargon (ex. Throttle Cable is "Rope Superstition".)

Attached are the first pdf chunks for pages 1-105. ( of 2,100 pages). I'll upload in pieces as I get them done. At some point after I get it all done I'll chunk it all back into one whole pdf again.

For now: Check. it. out.


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