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Hey guys, I'm planning to build a boosted d15z6 so I like to know everything in advance.

The d15z6 is a EU E-VTEC engine and finding a basemap for it impossible anywhere on the net. I looked at all the known repositories and it's impossible to find.
There aren't any tuners with experience with the D series here and I would like to have a basemap that I could give to the future tuner that is a good starting point.
1995–2000 Honda Civic 1.5i
  • Displacement : 1,493 cc (91.1 cu in)
  • Bore and Stroke : 75 mm × 84.5 mm (2.95 in × 3.33 in)
  • Rod Length : 137 mm
  • Compression : 9.6:1
  • Power : 114 PS (84 kW) at 6,500 rpm
  • Torque : 99 lb·ft (134 Nm) at 5,400 rpm
  • VTEC Switchover : depending on load, max ~3,500 rpm in 5th gear
  • Valvetrain : SOHC VTEC (3-4 valves per cylinder, depending on engine speed)
  • Fuel Control : OBD-2a PGM-FI MPFI
  • Ecu Code : P2Y
  • Head Code : P2J
  • Redline : 6,800 rpm
  • Fuel cutout : 7,200 rpm

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a california version of the d15z1 P07map would probably be a good starting point.

The USDM market had 2 different d15z1 setups. federal 49 state leanburn model with a factory 5wire wideband, or the california NON-lean burn with a traditional 4wire O2 sensor.

Else a normal d16 vtec map should be easy enough to modify to start. Your tuner will know to set base timing and such, so quite honestly, ANY of the vtec D maps should be enough to get the car started for the tuning session.

EDIT corrected ecu code. Wasnt a P08, its the P07
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