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Civic 1.5iLS 1997.
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My car is a EK3 Civic, 1997. Europe version, 1.5iLS, D15Z6 engine. (OBD2A I think....I don't have OBD2B 16pin plug, just the 2+3 pins).

I want to clean my injectors, but I afraid, because if the seals damaged, I "lost" my car. I ask the local car shop in Hungary, but they don't have spare seal and filter set.
I try to figure out which one is for my car and which I have to buy but I can't find correct answers. (I found some posts, my injectors is a 190cc type, but I can't trust it.

Can you tell me, where can I buy and which is the OE number for thease injectors and seals? (ebay, amazon DE, aliexpress, etc.)

Thanks, the answers!
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