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is this true?

"all d15 cranks are the same. the different rod to stroke ratio from the d15z1 come from the longer rods and shorter pistons."

i believe it to be true/accurate... so .... now look at:

according to the specs there, the ONLY pistons that will work in the d15 with 137mm rods and have enough clearance are the PMS/PLR/PLM. all of which have a 27mm comp height, which is .75mm less than the z1.

all the d16 pistons have a comp height of 29-30mm, which will cause the pistons to stick out of the head by over 2mm.

so, if my theory is true, only the 01-03 civic d17 pistons will work in a d15 with d16 137mm rods.

anyone? please post comments.
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