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So i raced a early 90's integy with complete intake and complete exhaust, and won. I raced him using my 94 eg hatch (timming way off) which had catback apexi with like 5 inch exhaust tip, intake, and msd cap and coil. Raced 6 times 4 highway 2 quarter. From a roll @ 60-70 to 110-120ish. Frist to 120 or to fall behind wins, first two he bangs 2nd instead of 4th , last two he gets me at the 110 mark and stays a car ahead. So far 2-2 then we went to the qaurter and ran the frist he got jumpy and launced at 5k? cause he is a toolbag, pulled about 4 cars cause of a great start for me and crappy for him. second one he stalls out when he launced *cough* "newbie".

I thought he was gonna get me by a few cars but driver cant drive. Maybe a rematch but i dont think he should have lost. But good d kill though...

Yep i dont think its less than 5in haha.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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