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I have a 1995 Civic DX that came with a D15B7. I blew the headgasket so bad, didn't wanna bother with doing the head on an abused engine that is close to 300,000KM.
I swapped in a 100$ motor I had laying around, another D15B7 with 151,000KM on it, paired with a manual transmission with matching KM's on it.

Finished the swap up with minor things left, everything was good except the timing belt whining sounding like a supercharger. Loosened it a tad loose, jumped timing. It'll still start, but it knocked.

I shut it off as fast as I could. and my grandpa re-did the timing. It was a few teeth off, maybe three or so. I re-set it correctly. The car sat, so I drained most of the tank, threw in new gas. Compression was hitting 150PSI or if I recall, on an uncalibrated tester.

Once it starts up, it now has a rattle at high rpm, almost like a high pitch screeching, very tinny sounding, little pops from the exhaust, and some noise through the air filter, maybe like a whining? It did this from when the timing was off three teeth, to now.

I know the throttle position sensor is unplugged, since my IACV is wonky, causing RPM to jump up and down sounding like some crazy cam. When it's plugged in, it just runs at a high RPM sounding like it'll explode until it's warmed up. This issue hasn't changed between engines, as it's the same ECU and OBD0, and all the same intake parts. The RPM bouncing when unplugged/high RPM when cold is normal. So ignore those symptoms. This is why I can't check for crazy idle changes indicating a bent valve, as it did it before due to other unsolved issues.

What could this pinging? popping? stuttering/hesitation sound be? Is it dizzy timing? Worn dizzy parts? I'll be trying a new cap/rotor soon as they sat and it's very moist here. Plugs were fine before, should be okay now, but I'll double check the gap. Could it be dizzy timing? Valve lash? Bent valve? Mechanical timing? Seems like a lack of power, but no starting hesitation, and throttle response seems normal, just bogs down, and makes some weird noises at unknown RPM as there is no dash. Idle seems fine.

This post has pretty similar symptoms to what I am having.

Any input is much appreciated. I'm on a very limited budget currently, so I want to stick to that instead of replacing everything haha! This is my first Honda, so I am learning. I would love to boost this car in the future making humble numbers on a little D15. Also my first engine swap, so give me some patience. I have gotten this far using search so far haha!

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Why do you have the throttle position sensor unplugged?

If something goes goofy when plugged in, you likely have the MAP and TPS switched around. CHECK WIRE COLORS.

If the TPS is unplugged, when you go full throttle, the ecu has zero fucking clue you are pegging it, and it leans it out and can kill the engine pretty quickly, if it manages to make it to higher rpms.

Get everything plugged in. The IACV's on these cars are one of two things when acting up. Dirty, or physically damaged. Else it is a wiring issue.

Check for vacuum leaks.

Why you think you should be okay with multiple things unplugged, I do not know or understand.

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If mechanical timing is right now, since you said this symptom might have travelled between engines, try running the engine with the exhaust dropped. Either disconnect the header to downpipe flange, or pull the header off the head and just let it hang. Try running the car temporarily open header (so that flames/backfires don't catch plastics on fire) and see if the engine runs better.

Collapsed exhaust piping and plugged catalytic converters/mufflers can cause sounds like the screeching of live pigs burning in a fire pit, its scary.

I had one car one time, the work order literally said "Cusromer says: engine making sounds like demons from hell". The cat was melted/plugged, and air was being forced back out the intake. Was a terrifying sound.
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