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First off I would like to apologize for the highly immature name. I made it back in my need for speed days.

My brother is giving me a lowered CRX si shell with full exhaust for b series and last had a ls in it. I am very mechanically inclined, I've had my own shop before. I don't need help "converting" it back to d series. I have most of a d15b6 set up and am getting a extra near full swap for pennies on the dollar. This is a project in my spare time, geared only for economy. My last CRX hf using this very set up was a b6 getting close to 78 mpg at 48 mph unfortunately that was on a four speed transmission. I have had many thoughts on what to do.

Such as use a d16y5 head or a d16z6 head. Obviously I would be closing valves off via welding if I used a 16v vtec head because this is an 8 valve build. What I am wondering is could I use a 16v head with some work?

I'm thinking aftermarket exhaust to make my air pump breathe better. Obviously the exhaust side of the head would be ported to the aftermarket d series header.

My biggest concern everything on the intake manifold. I'm want to do a full obd1 conversion. Do any manifolds have better low end power for the eco build? I'm thinking I should keep the stock injectors since they are smaller. But at the same time even if I used a d15b7 intake manifold wouldn't it make it run lean? Or would my best option be to use stock manifold and injectors and just put a standard d15b7 tb on it. Or should I stay obd0 and use a dpfi 2injector manifold using two of the small injectors?

I guess I should add my goals are to have 70-85mpg at 70mph. The car is getting a lot of aero mods. And getting the roof chopped. All work done by me except tuning.
If chipped:
1500-1800rpm 2 step launch control.
3500-4000 rpm limiter.
75 mph governed.

If I missed anything just ask. I am posting from my cell phone since ill be on the go alot today.
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