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95 Honda civic LX
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Need some advice guys.

My engine is JDM d15b3 single carb on which i'd like to convert it into EFI. My goal is not power, i just wanna ditch the carb on the engine.

Got already a head for the project a complete P2J vtec head complete with manifold, TB, injectors and dizzy. I also have an ecu and a harness for that.

Now my questions are

1. Is this a bolt on affair or should i machine anything with it?
2. What t-belt should i be using?
3. Is it necessary to also swap my carb gas tank to EFI tank? any other solution?
4. I believe i have a PM3 pistons according to internet, what compression ratio il be getting with p2j head?
5. How can i kill vtec and just run 4 valves anytime?
6. Em i forgetting something aside from the part list i mentioned above?

Any help and advices is greatly appreciated guys need your inputs as i plan to DIY everything aside from the wiring.

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