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D15B2 swaped to D15B with Y7

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I am in need of help.
I am in the process of getting my Frankenstein car to run. First background:
The car is a 89 civic DX that HAD a d15b2 in it. With DPFI. I have now thrown in a d15b (Non VTEC) with a Y7 Head into this. I have kept the same ECU, Wiring harness, DPFI intake, distributor, and trans.

I have it all together and wired up and I have been attempting to start the car with no luck. I have checked spark, timing, fuel and whatever else I could to get this to start.
Because I put my old distributor on the head I was wondering if that could be the reason for not starting?
Any other help would be appreciated
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First of all, check the basics. things such as all electrical connectors like injectors and distributor plug, any ground wires, etc.... MANY of these no starts are simple in nature.

Your distributor is fine to use on the Y7 head. Timing is the same. You can try loosening the distributor mounting bolts, and intentionally put distributor at max retard, and then at max advance, to see if you get anywhere. On the Y7 head, distributor likely will not be in the middle anymore.

Make sure you are using good OEM style spark plugs, NGK or Denso.

what is the base timing set to?

As long as the Y7 head has a d16y7 cam gear and you are NOT using the d15 gear, you should be okay.

Make sure the mechanical timing is dead on. Even half a tooth off can make it a frustrating experience.
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