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D15B2 swaped to D15B with Y7

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I am in need of help.
I am in the process of getting my Frankenstein car to run. First background:
The car is a 89 civic DX that HAD a d15b2 in it. With DPFI. I have now thrown in a d15b (Non VTEC) with a Y7 Head into this. I have kept the same ECU, Wiring harness, DPFI intake, distributor, and trans.

I have it all together and wired up and I have been attempting to start the car with no luck. I have checked spark, timing, fuel and whatever else I could to get this to start.
Because I put my old distributor on the head I was wondering if that could be the reason for not starting?
Any other help would be appreciated
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Thats the 8v head motor, right? get a map for an obd1 16v head. Might not be ideal but my p06 neptune map started my y7.

You get it going?
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