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Hi all!
First of all I'm sorry for my bad english :)
So here is the problem, I have EG8 sedan with d15b2 DPFI in it...
I want to make it MPFI, OBD1,
Here is the list of parts what I have
D16Z9 IM, Engine Harness, Distributor, Programmable P06 ECU with option to switch between 2 chips (Stock, and programmable chip), and allso I have OBD1 Interior Harness, but it is from d15z3 vtec-e engine. So the problem is that Z3 Interior harness is a little bit different from normal vtec harness...
So my question is, will my car work with this z3 Interior harness? or should I better re-solder my obd0 harness conectors to obd1 connectors and add missing wires for injectors, etc? :smartass:
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