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Im making mini me.
car has coilovers, dc2 braking, nice interior.
Head z6 ported and polished, valve work.
ported and polished z6 tb.
polished y8 manifold
stock exhaust for start.(will be upgraded afterwards as i have my car runing)
cr will be around 10.7
arp head studs
chiped ecu

car is stoped for 2 years, im thinking if i should do something else on mods.
i tought about boring but not much gains for the money (boring+ pistons+ troubles)
cams looks a little overkill or also not worth the money.
its a for daily driver but would like to reach something around 150hp (maybe thats too much if i want to have low gas consumption)

i have seen much posts but still struggling if i should realy buy cams or if they are not worth for D15.. i want to keep some decent fuel consumption but put this engine running funy.

any ideas ? specialy about the cams... oem z6 or aftermarket?

i would still like to ask about turbo fuel consumption (still im not going turbo at least for now)

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Unless you are in boost all of the time, the MPG with a turbo isn't much less than a naturally aspirated car and it's usually better all things considered because the power is added through boost instead of with overlap and RPM giving the car more low-end torque.

I wouldn't bother with a cam yet until you did the turbo and got all of that sorted out via tuning. If you are trying to go the N/A route then really that is your only option.
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