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To start of I had gotten a free D16Y8 /auto motor from a front collision damaged car. the block had some damage where the Driver Side Mount bolts to. I initially wanted to fix it and build this motor to be an NA with P29/headers*Now For Sale*. But after careful inspection I noticed several hairline cracks on the block which change me to this project. and just make something out of my 90 Civic DX. Past months I had bogging issues with my 240sx KA24DE-T project and ending up acquiring extra turbo parts to now support this build. So Here we go;

Project Specs;
-D15B2 block*
-D16Y8 head*
-D16Y8 OE gaskets*
-ARP Headbolts for D16Z6
-D15B2 OE Main/Rod Bearings
-PM3 or P2P Pistons* 'Not Sure Yet'
-D16Z6 Intake Manifold*
-D16Z6 TB*
-D16A6 MPFI OBD-0 Distributor*
-HF Manifold /w SR T25 Flange welded*
-SR T25 Turbo*
-SR T25 Elbow/Downpipe*
-2G Eclipse SMIC*
-2G Eclipse 450cc injectors
-1G Eclipse BOV /Crushed*
-Manual Boost Controller*
-Chipped PM6 ECU /w TurboEdit*
-Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump*
-MSD Blaster 2 Coil*
-MSD Distributor CAP
-NGK BKR7 plugs*
-NGK Wire Set
-5G Civic Radiator
-Battery Relocation Kit
-Some Gauges Boost,A/F and Fuel pressure
*Acquired - If you have any of the parts listed without the " * " Please let me know I might buy it from you.
I have researched this project as much as I can and this will not be the best setup but a fun little project. Besides I have other car for that purpose. Only thing that I'm still unsure is what Pistons to use. I do believe I will get the most out of the setup if I keep the PM3 *Flat Top* for it will yield 10~11:1 compression plus the turbo. But then P2P *Domed* will lower the compression with Y8 head 8~9:1 which is desirable for some reliability. But then again I've seen Stock Int LS/VTEC turbo and handled boost just fine with careful tuning. The car is not my daily driver and comments are greatly appreciated. I'm also looking for advise from TurboEdit users in regards tuning this setup.
Install Notes;
The car right now has a messed up front and will go to bodyshop as soon as the remaining parts are acquired and engine pulled out. SR T25 turbo actually will work good and should clear ok only issues is that the compressor side needs to be rotated foy my SMIC style and the wastegate arm needs to be extended. The SMIC will be located where the battery is and an air dam will be added to the hood for some cooling. Battery will be relocated to the trunk. 5G Radiator would also be desirable for some clearance with the turbo. More install notes soon!
Pictures Coming up!!!

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