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I have a 1990 base civic hatch with DX 5-spd.
Originally a D15B1, I just rebuilt and installed a B2 head with a D16A6 cam, replaced the timing belt and water Pump, and am now having issues with the MPFI swap.

I have a 91 so manifold that has the seemingly rare Fast Idle Control solenoid on the drivers side of the manifold, a brand new EACV, NEW TPS, OBD2 injectors from a 98 civic EX, and a PM6-A09 ecu.

Injectors are wired:
Brown #1 to ecu a1
Red #2 to ecu a3
Blue #3 to ecu a5
Yellow#4 to ecu a7.

Yellow/black wires all soldered together to ecu a15

Cut the female plug from a TD-01 and the male from si harness to create a distributor jumper. Added blue for blue/yellow and green for blue/green, then ran green to c1 and blue to c2 after boring the orange wire to b10 and white to b12. (Had to remove the white/red wire from b12)

Switched green/white and yellow/white wires on TPS, and extended them 8". Lowest calibration possible is .4V-4.25V (won't turn any farther)

Extended EACV wires 6"

Cut a plug from a spare purge cut off solenoid harness and wired in the FIAC to the tandem valve wiring.

Engine wouldn't start
code 15 and code 20.

Cut black/yellow on purge cutoff and grounded to firewall and switched the two white wires in dizzy jumper.

No codes. Still won't start. Flipped the distributor 180. Still nothing.

Pulled dizzy off and moved crank to TDC, double checked cam position, then installed dizzy with rotor on #1 spark plug wire.

Still nothing, no codes.

Swapped the known-working coil and igniter from my TD-01 to my brand new TD-02, still no start and no codes. At wits end.
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