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Hi i've a Honda EF 1991 1.5L 16v D15b1 DPI

But I had an accident and my block was ruined. Any other block that is similar to D15b1 that can only change without problems?
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D15b2, d15b7, d16a6, d16y7 will all work with very little extra work. B2 and b7 will be direct drop in, a6 and y7 will need things like header pipe and intake manifold support bracket modification. there may be other options as well depending on what country you are in, pretty much any non vtec d series engine can be made to work, depending on how far you are willing to go.
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buy a d15b2 from any 88-91 dx/lx civic or a d15b7 from 92-95 civic dx/lx cars or del sol S 93-95.

re-use your current intake amnifold and ecu.

you will run slightly lean up top due to the b2/b7 cams being higher performance.

You can always swap your B1 camshaft into the B2/B7 head, set your valve lash after installation, and be back to factory power.

Do not leave the B2/B7 camshaft in place. It will add 20hp but it will run very lean up top. The B1 electronics are more focused on low end torque and gas mielage.
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