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OK I have a D15B Vtec E,,,with a 1999 civic ex 4 door,,,,no motor in car now,,,

I was wondering how easy this was to put in since my oem engine was a

Ok the engine I have is Long block with all accessories no wiring Harness,, and a 5 speed Tranny

Can i use my stock D16y8 harness and can I put my y8 head on this engine?

What ECU to run stock is a P07 but If I add my y8 head and intake then I want to get a OBD2 - OBD1 harness to maybe run a P28 chipped with Crome since I will be Turboing soon,,,,

Next question my OEM motor is a d16y8 with auto tranny can I still use this harness with the D15B and a 5 speed?

Also how hard are basic parts and add on stuff to find for this JDM engine
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