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Just finished a full D15B Swap into a LX SDN. I was wondering if someone could step by step teach me how to swap b7 internals from a dizzy into a d15b dizzy. Because at first my motor didn't want to start up and i had to use my b7 distributor and it fired right up so how do i remove internals from my d15b7 dizzy to my d15b ? THIS I NEED TO KNOW SO I CAN DO MY TIMING
Also After a full swap and no Check Engine light my car runs/sounds like a STI with a couple bogs here and there this normal right because my timing on the distributor side is off correct?

Last but not least what do most of you guys do/check after you finish your swaps?(I already drove it around, shifted into all gears everything is running smooth just like some opnions thanks*)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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