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Hey all,
Long time reader, first time poster.
So, I have a 1995 Civic Ferio Vi, with a D15B (two stage vtec) engine in it. Imported from Japan, so all JDM parts.
But... Something backed off the bolt on my main pulley (AKA harmonic balancer), and it got damaged. So, now to find one.
Partsouq tells me it's a 13810-P2J-003, but some of the D15Bs in the list use a 11381-P2A-000. I can't find ANY supplier for the first (probably the correct) part. The latter I can get off Amazon or possibly comparable parts off amazon marked D15B. So... I'm a little stuck. How different are these parts? Are they comparable at all? Has anyone ran different crank pulleys? Is there a noticeable change in engine vibrations?
Thanks everyone!
- Rob

(couldn't add links because I'm new, but, they are a google away)
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