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D15B whitch camshaft would fit best?

After asking some questions about pistons and headwork i'm getting closer to actually ordering parts and building my d15b engine.

The build:

Stock d15b block with PMS-A00 GX pistons.
Ported p08 head milled 0.020 inch (CR 11.42:1 zealautowerks).
Edellbrock performer X with stock throttle body, rail and injectors (240cc).
Red line will be 8000 rpm

i'm down to the camshaft and have 3 options so far, whitch I think suit the CR and rpm range:

Bisimoto lvl2/3 (Special for d15b)
Crower stage 2 (D16z6 cam)
Comp cam 59300 (D16z6 cam)
Crower/bisi springs and retainers.
AEM adjustable camgear.

The only thing i'm a bit worried about is timing and valve to piston clearrence.
Some advice would be very welcome!

Kind regards,
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