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OK, Here's what I got. 90HB formerly w/ d15b swapped in a D16vtec. Using an p28ecu, adapter, had the 2 harness' meshed together and tested. I am a little unclear (among many other things) about the wiring for the vtec, O2 sensor, and the knock sensor, all the directions say is a particular color for a particular componet goes to ecu adapter. I dont have the directions handy so I cant give exact colors and such. But, these all come from 2 added on plugs that was made into the harness. Are these wired into the back side of the adaptor (original sub harness) or wired directly between the 2 female plug adapters for the ecu and subharness or, pinned into the adapter? There were 8 wires total on the 2 add on plugs 4 were pined and gave locations as to where they went in the harness so I got them installed. The rest were just striped ends.
I did wire it up placing the wires in the subharness but wouldnt do anything but crank like crazy. Dizzy checked OK, fire is getting to plugs, fuel is reaching the rail however, no smell of fuel in the plugs so, I checked the manual and #1 on the trouble shooting list is check for injector ground on back of luck in locating this. Any1 know where this ground is supposed to be? And also, any things to check for so I can at least get it to try and run. I saw on here about resetting the ecu with the fuses so I am gonna try that first then, after a quick check of the plugs I will try the "coffee can test" to see it the injectors are squirting fuel.
One final note..for what it is worth,the MAP sensor on the d16 is on top of the throttle body, the d15's was/is on the firewall, I just unplugged from the firewall to the new MAP. So, I also have some issues as to the correct routing location of vacum lines.
Thanx in advance
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