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my name is Ilya Serb

9 year ago i bought 1.4 IS 90hp (autogearbox s4PA)
I read different sites - D-Series,, HondaTech and many many other.
What now? i want start friendship with D-Series =)

Stock D14A4 90hp
Milliage: from 120000 to 220000km (yes, 9 years, 100000km)
Intake manifold D16Z6
Injectors Jets D16Z6 240CC
TB d16z6
Dizzy D16Z6 TD-42u with TD-41u in middle (rebuild)
ECU P28 with chip 29C256
Tunning by me and SofRom Emulator
front 262mm brake (4x100)
rear stock brake no disk (4x100)
4-2-1 China Custom Manifoild Exhaust
MidlePipe no Cat, VI-RS
Finish exhaust - stock D15Z6
Seat from
Innovate MTX-L with Gauge monitor
Multitronics Computer for diagnostic RI-500
Console from Orthia
VTEC point 4600
all other stock) yes i like stock.

what i make now? (NO ADS)
now i have my own Russian Community about EJ9 for help "young" Hondaz Riderz XD
and make my own RTP board SofRom, because i havent money for S300 )))

im very glad to answer your questions)


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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