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hi there, a forum friend of mie advised me to join this forum, i hope this will give me some great ideas in the future. i do not know where to introduce myself so i do it here: My name is Bart and i am a mecahnical engineer and i tought i could build myself an engine for my car (actually i build the entire car myself).this way i get hit by the D-series virus haha. this is my spec list:

-intake manifold (skunk2 tells their alpha series TB is "plug and play"... trust me it is really not and i have the solution:D)

when i first fitted the 66 mm TB i discovered that the main hole in the intake manifold was smaller i believe 57mm and i discovered the biggest problem: on the gasket surface, the little plain between the big bore and the tiny whole that leads to the IACV, is to small for the gasket supplied with the skunk2 TB. And the gasket and the surfaces of the IM and TB would not align. the IACV will suck false air in this area. this is were i come in handy as an engineer and capacity of CNC milling whaha.
i figured out that i could solve the problem with re positioning this area of the gasket surface and while i decided that i seriously rework the manifold i planned to mill the big bore a little bigger to retain maximum use of the plenum that is acualy bigger in diameter than the hole of 57mm is. i have milled this up to 63 mm and tapered the hole to the outside (gasket surface), i have tapered the hole to 66 mm. the second part i made was a banana shape piece of alluminum to place as my re positioned surface, i have milled this 0,02 mm smaller then the chamber were i wanted my new surface and glued this into place with loc-tite 638 (the green strong kind) on the bottom side i put some sealer (the blue silicone kind) . with a little grinder i have flowed the sharp area's and radiused sharp edges to retain optimum flow.
but after a while i discovered the thing i did would cost me power and i purchased a skunk2 intake manifold and i noticed my mistake imidiatly
the second i did was to plug the hole for carter ventilation because i wanted a separated oil canister, i dont want the oily air back into my engine. i designed a plug and play piece to replace the breather chamber and one way valve with a simple hose that goes directly to an oil canister with a breather filter on top, the valve cover ventilation goes to that canister as well.

- the cilinderhead:
i have milled of 0,80 mm to reach a higher compression ratio, i believe it is around 1:10,3 but i still have to measure.
the combustion chambers are ceramic coated to prevent my engine from detonation damage and keep a little bit more heat in the chamber while combustion, bottom side of valves are coated too. intake and exhaust ports gasket matched a flowed. the combustion chambers are CC'ed as well. my camshaft choice was a bisimoto level 2 custom regrind and bisimoto valve springs to retain my old washers ( dont need titanium retainers that cost way toooooooo much if you will keep in mind the huge forces that will be released from the D14 engine. the cam is driven by a skunk2 pro series cam gear.
between the intake manifold and the cilinderhead i used a PW JDM heat shield gsket.
i gasket matched the ports of the intake manifold as well.

- the bottomend:
i blueprinted the entire bottom end and cleand up the internals by removing castingmarks and sharp edges because they are the beginning of weak spots. the crankshaft is balanced together with the fidanza flywheel. i kept the stock rods and balanced them as well. my main bearings are clevite77 bearings and my rod bearings are stock honda because there is not a manufacturer that makes rod bearings the size of a D14 engine it seems our crank is made of an D13 model i i believed the specs chart of clevite bearings want to order them but the company did not make the any more. the pistons are coated ceramic and the skirts are coated with carbon for a dry film lubrication. when there is little oil ond the cilinderwalls the coating is providing a lubricating surface.

as exhaust i am using a skunk 2 mega power exhaust of 60mm and an megan racing header
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