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Lots of questions, and two months ago a colleague from Ukraine with my (remote) help in assembling and searching for parts abroad launched his D13Z6. It is a great story for me and it's motivating to share the acquired knowledge and ... costs that are not drawn from online stories but from own experience.
There are four types of modifications, including:
  • Parts costs (divided into market prices - generally available by groups, typical auctions, and into special offers - prices at which I was able to buy parts when looking for them, among others in scrap yards. Some of the items you can even get for free with wholesale loot)
  • Photo of the engine bay
  • Results from the dyno (I apologize for the lack of a graph for a turbocharged engine, unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I can not find it anywhere)
  • Additional costs related to the repair of purchased parts
1. D13B2 dual carb mod -> The cheapest and easiest modification. Power gain: 29%
2. D13B2 MPFI mod -> Modification of the transition from carburetor fuel to multi-point injection. Power gain: 54%
3. D13B2 MPFI + VTEC mod -> Switching from carburetor power to multi-point injection + changing the cylinder head to one with VTEC support. Power gain: 84%
4. D13B2 MPFI + 10.2 psi boost mod -> Switching from carburetor power to multi-point injection + turbocharger. Power gain: 126%
Many people say that it is not profitable to fumble with this engine, that it's better to swap a bigger one because it's more profitable. Here, I cordially invite you to discuss and share your own experiences

D13B2 MPFI + VTEC mod acceleration:


Stage 1: Dual Carb (dyno sheet included):


Dyno video (start from 31s):

D13B2 Dual Carb backflames:

Stage 2: MPFI mod (dyno sheet with and without silencer on Ebay catback 2.25' exhaust system):


Dyno video:

Stage 3: Turbo (without dyno sheet)

D13B2 Turbo - short story:

Stage 4: VTEC minime mod:


Dyno video:

Additional costs (not included above):

I hope it will be helpful for you!
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