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So after reading a few posts I knew I should clean my IACV. Read the DIY and yes, it was filthy. 5 min. straight of cleaner in that thing. Put it back in and the car idles super low after warm up. I searched for 'idle adjustment' and figured out how to bring it back up.
1. Start car
2. unplug IACV
3. adjust to 650-700rpm
4. turn car off
5. unplug backup 7.5 fuse to clear ECU code memory
6. re-plug IACV
7. start car.....idles great now!!

I do have a question: What/ where is the name of the sensor with the giant white cap? Sometimes it unscrews itself and people have to said to screw it back in. I am wondering if the dip in rpm when coming to a stop might have something to do with this. Sorry for the rant!!
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